Please, disable vibration when streaming!

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Please, disable vibration when streaming!

Hi there, I'm a Pro user :D And I have some suggestions...

1) Disable vibration when streaming is on!
I think this must be an option - and must be automatic - because when streaming from the phone, every time a message or something is received, the phone vibrate - and you can hear a HUGE "BRRRR!!!" in the streaming.

This is very annoying :(

Also, is very annoying to be forced to disable this from the phone settings every time for a streaming, so I'm wondering if this can be done automagically from BroadcastMySelf just when a stream start :)

2) Speaker volume problem
Another annoying thing is that you have to lower the speaker volume when playing (and streaming) a music mp3 from file, because it re-enter from the microphone and the result is really horrible. Can't this be done also automatically?

3) Mono streaming option
Third thing I would add, is the possibility to stream MONO instead of stereo - stereo is good for music from files, but for a live streaming from a phone we have only  1 mic, so Stereo is a waste of bandwidth especially in places were bandwidth is very poor (like here in Italy).

Ty for this software btw :)